CC039: Sex in Public

This week, Katie and Ashley tackle the topic of sex in public, and realize how different they are! Ashley explains why she loves being watched, while Katie needs things to be just right. Hear some of their favorite memories and settings, including Ashley’s award-winning play party handjob, and when Katie just had to have her partner right there and then at a bar. (more…)

CC038: Doctor, F*ck Thyself – Fat and Slut-Shaming in Healthcare

Going to the doctor isn’t fun to begin with, but if you’re non-monogamous, fat, queer, and/or kinky, it can be a nightmare. Ever gone to the doctor with a sniffle and been told to lose weight? How about answer invasive questions about your sexual history, or explain and justify your relationship?

This episode’s for you. (more…)

CC037: The No’s Have It – Giving and Receiving A “No”

For such a little word, “no” can be fraught with all sorts of anxiety. How do you know when you should be saying no to someone? Why is it so scary? Does it really have to be this hard? What if you give a no and someone ignores it anyway? (more…)

CC036: Trying New Things and Asking for what You Want (In Bed)

Sometimes there’s nothing harder than talking about sex with the person you’re having sex with, and Katie and Ashley know that struggle all too well. Why is it so hard to share kinks or interests with partners? What makes bringing up wanting to try something new such a daunting task? Why are some things harder to ask for than others? (more…)

CC035: Scarcity and Abundance Mentalities in Relationships

Katie and Ashley are back, and kicking off their relaunch with a discussion on scarcity and abundance mentalities. Ever stay in a relationship because you thought you’d never find another one? Or go out with someone just because they asked, and who are you to turn them down? Ever feel like there just isn’t enough love/work/friendship/sex to go around, so you have to cling to whatever you get and never ever ever let it go?? (more…)

CC 034: Celebrating Adult Sex Ed Month

For most of us, sex education as teens involved shame, fear, and misinformation coming from the adults in our lives (whether teachers or parents). Katie and Ashley share their sex ed experiences, how they wish they would have been different, and why Adult Sex Ed Month matters. They also provide resources for finding high quality, inclusive, and sex positive information. (more…)

CC 033: Wetter Sex is Better Sex: All About Lube

How much do you know about the lube that you’re using? (Are you using lube? Hopefully we’ll convince you!) Katie and Ashley get geeky in this overview of all things lube. From the ideal viscosity of silicone anal lube to an ingredient overview (especially ingredients to avoid!), they pack tons of great information into this episode! (more…)